My Best Crush

After hours of Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer game,i just got bored and went to my room and then off my mind went chasing after the thoughts wandering about the circus but it caught this one thought.. and then I started this damn blog……
The whole shit still amazes me. I feel I’m dying inside, it’s like I’m losing. I don’t know why I like her so bad. I get scared of losing her but then I remember she’s not even mine. I’ve had this deep crush on this one girl. The first time I saw her, I really got cold and it was like my nerves began to synapse. My friend thought that I just got attracted to her jugs, but that wasn’t the shit. I wish I could just tell her but I was scared It was going to end our little friendship. Sometimes I just try to make the whole shit fade off but it seems so hard and then I’m left helpless. At a point I felt I just had to fuck the pain away and move on. But she’s still this one chick that is just so completely different in her own way and I can’t still help but like her.

*sigh. I can’t just help but laugh at myself after writing this short piece cause I didn’t really intend blogging. =D. 😛


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