I Want To Be Forever Young

Lying on my bed,my mind set off on a quest in search of old memories but found a few and was unable to find the address location of the others in the brain,probably they were long dead and my hands being good partners decided to help out with the typing and then…….
I just thought about the really young stages of my childhood. As far back as I can remember, I started getting conscious of my environment from age five and that was when my life really started. I remember the old memories of my fun life as a kid, my friends that I get to see no more, every damn memory of that period still remains ever green. And then on my life went ………
Then I started my high school life in a boarding school, and I remember how I used to spin frisby which was milo cover with my friends, how much fun it was then. I remember how Damilola Onabanjo made jest of me for something I didn’t really do and how I didn’t like her but she’s now my boo :D. I remember how I crushed on Omotola Adegboyega in the mid periods of high school, even though we didn’t go out, the thing was just there…….
Then came the ending parts of my high school life when I started hanging out with two main niggas, Eti David and Tega, they were my G’s. I will also never forget Feranmi bankole and how she became my boo, she was a really sweet friend…..then came my valedictory service which marked the last time I saw some of my friends 😦 …

*sigh. I wasn’t going to stress him no longer, I knew he was tired so I just let my mind go take a nap after the tedious quest.

Now in the university, I just realized there are lots of things I’ve got to do and it seems I’ve got more responsibilities and lesser fun than I used to have back then and I sometimes ponder and wander on how my life is going to be when I take full responsibilities and also when I’m going to leave this damn world…and I feel like I don’t want to age even when I know I can’t change the normal algorithm pattern of life.:(
I just wish my life could just keep on iterating my childhood,teenage and youthful life endlessly. I just want to be forever young. 😛


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