The Triangular Life

They call it life, but really fuck it. I think it’s all wrong. It’s the algorithm of the interconnection that revolves around pussy, $ and weed which forms the three lines of the triangle.

That’s getting the bar—-getting blunt up—-and then fucking bitches. I’m just made to believe that niggerish life is just so fucked up and wrong.

Getting the bar isn’t surely in any way wrong but only the intentions determine if it turns out right.
I’m still confused on the fact why people just have to get high sometimes,maybe cause it gets you excited, and that’s when having a blunt comes in as a choice, even if smoking weed doesn’t really have side effects except the memory losses it causes which only happens when one is a real junkey, I still find it really uncool cause I feel it changes certain orientations…like wanting to give fucks when high and that’s really when the “weed” line intersects with the “pussy” line….then people decide to keep the lines intersecting and this brings about a constant blunt up and different exploits with different bitches….and that’s when it turns out really fucked up…..then one gets Wasted…

I guess only the money line makes sense after all while the other two lines are just useless.

So in the end,the fact that people ball with the triangular life doesn’t still mean it’s not fucked up….it’s just totally uncool….the orientation is all wrong…. there’s still more to life than just getting all wasted….