Finding solace in the new me

It was so freaking cold throughout the night and now waking into the cold morning,it’s even worse..the all night gaming which rendered me as an insomniac is now causing some sort of distortion in my head or more of a sad. 😦 . That’s just what a nigga gets for gaming so late..

Several thoughts go through the human mind, but only few actually get time to be reasoned about and that’s it…the former thought of me just makes me visualize a nigga who is all trying to act kinda funny even when he most times gets things dried up…a nigga that jokes and makes fun so well…but several thoughts have just made me feel I’ll be a better me if I’m mostly in a reserved state, I know it looks really weird..but certain things have just made it clear that a diversion is needed,but unlike most human species,I’ve decided to make the time rate of diversion very short…more sudden and sharp.

I only hope I find solace in the new me…unveiling a new state and most probably a better state. 🙂