Life Scenarios

I tried..failed but pushed on and continued striving.

I a shattered heart..but packed the pieces and moved on.

I encountered pain.. jabbed myself with syringes of morphine..fucked the pain away and moved on.

I hunted down my fears..lost the predator skill and became the prey but I still found an escape route and got saved.

I wrote several algorithms..had compilation errors but kept on debuging.

I had nested worries..drank them all away and moved on.

Had a deep stench in my soul..purified him and moved on.

I got into chaotic states…held conference meetings with my mind and senses and chose the best decision.

I took life as a bitch..she fucked me up and then I changed my perspective.

It’s never the end of life…there are several more algorithms that can be implemented to make things work out..let the mind keep on wandering and pondering while the hand keeps on writing.

In the end,life is just an illusion…your view of her is what she appears to be.

Keep the smiley face on..everyone deserves to be happy…childhood used to be the easiest and happiest moments of our lives…happy children’s day 🙂

Black and White{better days are ahead}