Another Beautiful Moment

Waking into a beautiful day..the cool weather which brought about the cool sensation..rain ^.^!

I just lay on my bed smiling,it was an unusual happy moment…I remembered an epic science fiction movie I watched last night titled “source code”…it was so sick ^_^!…the movie kept me thinking till the very end,it was too good…then the rarely serious conversion I had with my friend which was mind blowing…and when nature called,the last I remembered was the fading environment before my eyelids shut totally..waking into another realm,it was just a lucid dream I had about this one person :x,it was a good moment.

It’s another beautiful and rainy sunday…I remembered how it rained on my first sunday in high school and on my last day in high school which was my valedictory service…those wonderful high school moments, how I miss them 😦 ,they were beautiful moments…and today is another 🙂
It’s a happy beautiful sunday 🙂


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