The Day’s Experience

After sleeping so late last night..I was woken by the ping of a friend who was at the faculty..I realized I was so late for my morning lecture and on remembering I had a test,I started brushing up and getting ready for the new day…

Getting to my department, I met semira and she wondered why I was so late…we then decided to do a quick revision before the test and for the first time I really scoped semira and realized she was so damn hot! O_o..don’t blame me, I’m a guy X_x…At a moment I got her angry and she started acting all funny but I wasn’t bothered…

When it was time for the test..I just headed straight to the lab only to get to know that the test wasn’t going to hold anymore, well I wasn’t happy or sad..still wasn’t really bothered…

I just headed for one of the vacant lecture rooms and decided to make up for the lectures I had missed lately,I met my friend kachi in the lecture room and shortly after semira came around, still annoyed with me and acting kinda funny, I just kept quiet all through and ignored her…went to the library later on and spent a few minutes unable to read anything…it was just a dry and stressful day..

I went to the hostel later in the evening…walked the cute omotola to her house,she’s one of my really cool friends ^.^ ….I pinged semira later on and received weird replies…realizing she was still angry,I just made it up to her and apologized to make her happy
#:-s funny how she behaves when angry…I wasn’t surprised cause I’ve known her for more than a year now…I’ll always love semira,my hot friend :)…

I had fun later on playing Fifa during the earlier periods of the night with friends :D, It was so much fun cause I was on a winning streak :D…And then the rain started later on,it was a really cool weather ^.^…..It was a really long day…turned out to be fun in the end 🙂


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