Omotola’s Day

It’s been a while since I last blogged….
I hope I’m able to gather my words well, hmm..,yeah sure I should 😀

How time flies….how people grow…how Ideas and believes change’s so surprising I’ve known her for a little long cause the memories are still freshly and neatly nested in my head like it was a day before…’s omotola’s day!^_^

She’s one cute girl I’ve known over the years…my classmate in junior high school….I remember vividly the little fight I had with her during mid period of high school…the troublesome babe then…my crush of mid high school and now my cute friend….every memory is just so green…

Even with the way time seems to keep with a constant slow pace,he’s covered a whole lot of distance through the years…. and the all G-spirit babe of that time is now all different even though she still possesses little of the G-spirit ;)….she’s one wonderful person I’ve known over the years…cute,crazy,jovial and smart looking… with nice hips O_o..Oops did I just.. :X …she’s just too cute ^^

And today’s the cute omotola’s birthday^.^ !! \=D/

Happy birthday omotola,Le boo of life!…much love {{}} :*