Dark Shadows

I know I’ve not been consistent with my blog and all..but this post will be quite different and fictional
Actually I just feel like posting something at the moment…but there seems to be quite nothing to write about except a random thing that has just hit my mind….

Kendel checked the time by her wristwatch and realizes she has been driving for four hours. It was a tiring trip and her sixteen year old daughter was already fast asleep. Kendel took a gaze at her and smiled. She knew it was a matter of minutes till the end of the road trip, so she felt a bit relieved.

Jenner, a smart charming teenage girl with gold flinch hair had just celebrated her sixteenth birthday a day ago. She was so fond of her mother. She was like her mother’s duplicate with so much facial resemblance. Jenner had never seen her father as she got to know while growing up that her father had died in a plane crash while she was yet unborn..so all she had in her head about her father were just his pictures and nice stories about her father told by Kendel. She had a pretty tough time as a kid without a father to care for her but her mother worked very hard to make ends meet and made sure she was comfortable. And now she has grown into a charming looking teenage girl.

There was a sudden halt and Jenner who had been asleep for about an hour yawned and open her eyes slowly. Realizing it was already dark, she tried to get her eyes accustomed to the dark environment. Kendel was standing in front of the car wondering what the problem could be…she then realized the left front tire had gone flat and she got troubled cause she didn’t have a spare tire.

Jenner who was already wide awake but still in the car watched her mother’s facial expression change from confusion to disappointment. She unfastened her seat belt,grabbed a flashlight at the back seat and got out…she looked across the opposite sides of the road and realized there were just bushes and trees on the opposite sides..the weather was so cool and lovely and jenner felt the cool breeze brush through the right side of her cheek with the hustling sound it made.

Jenner approached her mother with the flashlight and kendel staring at the flat tire suddenly made jenner aware of the problem which had caused the halt. Kendel tried to make a call but the area seemed to have no network coverage..she just muttered a few words silently in disappointment.
“Mum,so what do we do now” jenner asked as she stared at her mother’s disappointing face. But without a reply from her mother and already feeling a bit cold she went back to the car to get her leather jacket and then she heard the hustling sound of the night’s breeze again..but with greater intensity this time, making out a loud whistling sound..jenner then leaned on the car hoping her mother will come up with something.
“Jenner I think we should probably wait for a little while for any car that will pass by” kendel said and jenner just nodded her head and smiled.

Within a short while,they heard a car approaching them at a fast pace and both feeling quite relieved that they will get help got disappointed with the way the car sped off and passed them.

Jenner took a deep breath and hoped that another car will pass soon but she felt something hit her slightly from the side and quickly looked around but saw nothing, kendel noticing jenner’s sudden reaction asked “is there any problem”…”Nothing really mum,just a feeling of de ja..” but before she could complete her statement, she knew the suspicious feeling was now real and whatever had caused the slight hit was now standing behind her mother…she felt a sudden jolt of adrenaline in her body system and screamed “run!!”…

Kendel immediately frightened dashed off to the right side of the road with jenner a few paces ahead of her…both plunged deeper into the forest-like environment as they ran further, then there was a sudden silence and jenner realized she wasn’t hearing the sound of stamping feet that was coming right behind her a few moments ago..she stopped,looked back and realized her mother had stopped running and was now on her kneels panting profusely, then her flashlight suddenly dropped. She quickly picked it up and flashed it at her mother’s direction but realized her mother was not more there..”mum” she shouted simultaneously without getting a reply…she suddenly heard something hit the ground behind her..but on turning around, she was stunned by what she saw..
Her mother’s body was lying motionless on the ground with blood dripping from her neck..jenner immediately felt a cold shriek run through her spine,she screamed and the atmosphere was immediately filled with the reverberation of her voice. And then she started hearing stamping feet ..she knew it was coming for her but before she could make a run for it, she felt a firm grip on her hand like it had been clamped..she struggled so hard to break loose and for the first time she saw what it really looked like but within a few seconds, her eyelids began to close steadily like she had been sedated as she dropped to the ground….


“She’s having a steady heartbeat” the nurse said as jenner opened her eyes…..

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