Holiday Loop

Today is just so tiring…I can still feel the heaviness in my head after sleeping really late last night and waking up so damn early!…but it feels quite good waking up everyday and having more than 70 percent of the day to myself..a bit of strike benefit 😉

I have barely read school stuff since the whole strike stuff came in hard..thought it was going to be for a few days..or max 3 weeks..but it has turned out to be a summer loop. Ooh well, the duration it takes for the loop to be satisfied..when the “break” statement comes in still doesn’t scare me.

Certain things seem to have changed in the last couple of months..don’t worry they are positive changes, so you can at least put off with that confusing facial expression :p. I have been able to gather up and add more skill goodies to my goody bag..Hey!!..I don’t mean it as the wrong thought that has just hit your mind :p.
So back on the track, i’ve been able to improve on quite a substantial amount of things..well not school ish cause I seem to have blacked out on that X_x.
But I feel good with things I decided to give a try and more things I’ll still come up with…I was able to come up with my first ever mobile app even though it may not offer the felt good to push it on to the finish line even when it felt uneasy at some instances ^^.. And for the first time in my life..I was able to lay my hands on a 3D game engine today although not being able to blend so just requires a couple of books and zeal and I’m sure prepared cause my Bow and arrows are set :D..Time for book hunting..internet surfing!!

It just feels really good to know what you want and aim for it..Good advice by the way “learn how to sharpen up your precision and targeting skills” so you don’t have to waste so many bullets aiming for it…and perhaps you’re still that primitive type..”I think tightening your bow string will help” I don’t know if that’s right or I even put it well..not an archer :p.