The Lone Path…

I look around but it’s just an empty space..I’ve been walking for a while and I seem to be alone on the track

I know it’s a lone path but the more I try to drift away…I dig in further…like I’m having a recursive scenario of me in a sinking freighter without being able to break out.

I know he has always been right. I know deep inside me and I can’t fight it…and I know how much I’m lost even if I try to alleviate the situation with self deceit.

Sometimes things happen..certain situation bring back memories and make me matter how hard I try to stop it..I can’t just stop cause the truth always strikes hard and I know it.
I seem to be losing sight to the path to true redemption…I weep inside and I know it.

I make mistakes and I regret bitterly…and then I wish I could travel back in time so I could cast the bitter incidence to the point right before the mistake…maybe it could have helped.

I believe..I do, and I pray for that path to true redemption…I get scared of myself cause I know the truth and choose to neglect it…then I access my life at some later point and..and..I can’t even explain the feeling…it’s not just good…totally bizarre.

Maybe I truly grew up believing but I know it’s true and damn too right…I know it’s a totally right course even if I’ve gotten messed up..the world is a totally strange one and wisdom requires some questions to be asked…but I know I just have to believe at certain instances..just to believe cause I truly believe ” him”..not even sure of what should have been in quote..maybe could have been the opposite gender…but I really don’t care anymore and I neither want to fight it nor sweat it.

I just want to be on that right course and pursue redemption cause I know some day that will be all I’ll cherish if found and I don’t want to regret…