The Dark Sector

They’re both progenies from the same parent..but they’re completely different,Like twins formed from the same ovary but completely not identical. That’s more of how the dark side is related to the clean(good) side. He’s pretty much shady…a real bitch that doesn’t give a shit about nothing. But the shocking thing is, he is possessed in the same proportion as the clean sector in humans. We just get to live with him by suppressing him in us. But we really don’t have total control once he’s unleashed…he just lashes out like a beast from within with a red hot rage. And then we sometimes totally lose our cool before we even get to put him under control.
We can only pray to always submerge him in his damn pit and just hold our peace so our rage and wrath doesn’t turn in his favor. But then..the more he’s been ditched, we always have to bury our pains until we lose total feeling. But that just makes him hit harder at the next the demon we kill today just becomes the devil we face tomorrow.
And the fact that he just dictates things from the right side of your mind doesn’t make him any bit close to good. But then that’s why we have the good (clean) side…we can only thank the Creator well enough for that side of him that’s embedded in us. But then unlike his dark blood line..he totally reaches out to us for good and keeps us from going haywire. But then we humans sometimes choose to unleash his other one, maybe due to the fact that we sometimes just choose to act as the alpha human. But in the end it’s totally not worth it…cause the dark side still comes back to hunt us. We can never really pray for him to be expelled cause he’s totally embedded in us but we can always still overshadow him cause the fact that he’ll resurface as the devil tomorrow doesn’t make him unbeatable.