Memoirs #1

I look out of my window and realize it’s already pretty dark, how time flies. It was like I had only witnessed sunrise a few minutes ago. I sink into my sofa and turn on the TV hoping something might interest me but it’s not long before I turn off the TV and make it to my bedroom.

I check out my face in the mirror, all the I’ve aged over the years… I lye on my bed hoping sleep will creep in and steal my consciousness so the environment can fade away while my eyes shut till sunrise but then it just seems my consciousness is of no value to her tonight and then restlessness takes advantage of the moment.

I get up and decide to get some sleeping pills that might help alleviate the situation…and then I stumble across an old journal,but what draws my attention is the date on the front cover. I start flipping through and it’s mostly about my youthful days when I served in the army. Intrigued, I grab the journal and settle at the left right corner of my room, a place where I always write about my thoughts.

I rest it on the table and start at the beginning reading it word for word and it seemed a part of me which had already been chopped off my memory was reincarnated and I just kept on like a lost ant finding it’s path back to it’s little tiny hole where it calls home.

And then there’s the picture close to the middle of the journal…i blow off the dust and just stare at it…the red hair and her beautiful blue eyes with the glamorous smile she wears on…and then there are the manuscripts after, detached from the main journal, looking like it’s been in existence for over a decade…my first writing and one i have never revisited till this moment…my eyes are just fixed on the first page for a few minutes as they glance through doing a quick survey while my mind keeps painting an instance of that scenario where it had all happened, when I allowed my emotions rule a better half of me while I typed on and on, sailing further into the world of literary mayhem. I feel warm tears trickle down my cheek and a part of me doesn’t want to read on but it’s now too weak to stop me..I just take a deep breath as I prepare to plunge into a time travel…revisiting the past…MY STORY.