The Dream Chaser

He’s an ordinary man…a mere fellow…in the peace and quietness of the early morning,he thinks and sets his mind on that he knows is to come…he believes he’s not the son of man but a god,a direct descent of God. Unlike a mirage, his dreams are clear…they are neither the dreams potrayed while his total consciousness is lost at the dead of the night nor the ones relayed by his brain while he’s having micro-naps during the day.
He is who knows that life being a bitch doesn’t mean she fucks up every time. He’s not a perfectionist. The attack of failure does not constrinct his blood vessels.He fails but he allows the passage of time heal his wounds…he has time set goals. Little do people know of the bulk of load dragged by his mind…he’s the “thinker”…he lives in the future from the present. He speaks with the confidence of a “Made Man”….His daily life is sometimes mingled with pressure…the driving force that dynamically polishes his focus,bringing back the chase(hustle) to his remembrance.
He doesn’t chill to take shit life drops on his table instead he sets his….he’s the dream chaser…


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