Dark Simulation

“Wake up!” The voice sounds deep in my head causing a sharp pain in my ears. My eyes flip open instantly at lighteningt speed. I get up almost immediately throwing myself off the bed, my feet send off a flashing pain as they hit the ground, i flinch a bit. I look at the ground and look on till my eyes begin to move up the walls towards the ceiling and i’m startled – rather afraid, i’m in the middle of nowhere, in a desolated building. I hear a squeaking sound and suddenly my pulse increases and i feel my heart beginning to beat a bit faster than normal.
“Be calm” i mutter to myself as i try to trace the direction i had picked the sound source from, but staying calm seems to be out of it as i still feel my heart pounding harder against my chest, this time like it’s going to plunge out any moment soon. My eyes keep scanning the room as i move gently forward, the fear of what i might see or what is generating the squeaking sound makes me quiver as beads of sweat gather around my fore-head.
Thick cobwebs seem to be hanging from the ceiling to the walls-which look so gray with several cracks between them like they’ll give way any moment soon and i can see a number of holes in them, large enough for my fist to pass through. The ground feels so dry and hard under my feet, that i feel a slight pain whenever i move my feet.
I hear the squeaking sound again, but this time much louder than before. I tense up a bit and begin to move faster now, i can’t tell what begins to drive me faster now…probably fear. I take a passage to my left which appears dark so i press my back against the wall and walk like i’m on a ledge, i feel something different now against my back and i fall into a room as my back slams against the ground sending a sharp jolt of pain through me, i had leaned against a door and it shut almost instantly. The room gives away a stench which forces bile up my throat but i hold it down preventing myself from throwing up – which will only make the room smell worse. I get up and and feel a sudden shock wave through my body, something is different about this room, it looks okay-untouched almost contradicting the other room which i had just come from except for the stench which i’m beginning to get a bit used to.
A very wide glass window appears to the left of the room-wide enough for five of me to pass through at the same time and for a moment i wonder why a window will be this wide.This whole place just seems out of it-totally weird. I sight a small shelf at the right end corner of the room and i make my way towards it, i slide open the first drawer and find a pistol, for a brief moment i’m blank and i just stare at it not knowing what to do, i finall pick it with my shaking hands and my palms moist as they get a grip on it, i open the second drawer and i find an axe which i pick immediately without hesitation knowing it’ll come in handy when i try to find a way through the window which will lead to an open space rather than going through the door which i fell in through, that will only lead me to a point where i will get more nested in this dilapidated buliding. I open the third drawer and find two bullets and i piece of folded paper…i slide the bullets into my breast pocket and unfold the paper, a sudden cold-struck feeling spreads through my body and i feel like i’m being submerged in a pool of ice, my eyelids giving rapid unsteady blinks as they depict the bold writing-“ONLY ONE SURVIVES…THE ONE”…


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