I Remember

I Remeber,


When i was always thrilled by the approach of christmas in december,


when “pain” was not getting the toy i so much craved for or getting injected when i had malaria,


when i believed in total dependence on my parents,


when i was their little kid,


when i found it cool making stuff with building blocks.


I Remeber,


when i freaked out on seeing a green mamber for the first time,


when i sat under moonlight to listen to nightly tales told by my Grams,


When “unhappiness” was not getting the right birthday gift,


when all i told “her” was how cool her hair ribbon was,


when i looked forward to summer because it was like an eternal holiday,


when my mind was stable and never swayed,


when i always jumped to hug my Grams making my legs drape around her waist whenever she came visiting.


I Remeber,


when the farther i went into the school’s session, i always craved for summer because i knew it was nearer.


when i would sleep on the couch and wake up on the bed,


when i never knew what it meant to lust,


when the urge of struggle and desperation never ran in my veins,


when my face brightened up with excitement whenever i was able to give color to a drawing,


when “losing”, was not winning a crash bandicot race,


when i believed this »»» “if you take too much chocolates, your teeth will fall off” and i was okay with that.


when i never knew what it meant “growing up”


All these…connections to the past.


But then this present will become the past too and all that would be left are memoirs…


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