Bon Voyage!,
They shout out to us,
As we draw farther from them,
And plunge deeper into open waters,
In the dream ship,
That’s tinted with pride and glamorous beauty.

Smiles, chatters
and pain of separation
dampen the air.
But my heart is thrilled,
Because I smell home coming

I set my eyes on her,
And I go cold.
She becomes the robber of the day,
And my heart ceases to be mine.

At the moon’s watch,
She strikes an iceberg.
Her pride falls
As she suffers a wound,
Wherein the angry ocean forces through.

Down! ,
The ship goes sinking,
While some keep on drinking,
That they may be fearless,
When death comes ringing.

We find a wrecked wooden door still still amidst the chaos.
It can only accommodate one, so I choose the losing end.
Her hands are nested in mine
As i keep to my current position,
While getting stabbed by the cold of the ocean.

But still,
in pain,
her eyes are all I need to see,
While we stay afloat on the sea…


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