Lost note #1

“Do we choose our destinies?
No!..I didn’t choose mine
But who is to blame,
For my coming to this world,
Is it the love that linked two chained slaves?
Or God himself,
For taking my choice from me..
Should I say hope is lost,
Cause in tears I serve,
While the sweet word “home” deserts our lips and fades from our minds

But I myself have never known home,
For in this foreign land I was born,
So I would say home is only a world of fantasy that exists in my mind and surfaces in my dreams.

Or should I call my parents cruel?
For bringing me into this world,
To toil hard for another man to feed,
While I’ve never gotten satisfaction from food.

Bids being placed on our heads,
Then transfer of ownership,
Of our own selves.
We’re just goods,
Worthless in their eyes in every way,
Except to serve.

But home doesn’t have to be the place where dwellers of the same tongue live, does it?
Home just has to be where peace lives…

Should I settle to this life,
What choice do I have?
Just another bitter slave,
Who is far away…
From home.”

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