My name is kolapo..I’m a Nigerian and a computer science student of the university of lagos…

I kinda find fun in programming ,although I’ve only played around with a few languages,but java seems to be my main shit for now and I’m also a new android developer.

Another side is the love I have for games, I really love gaming,I’ve played a wide range of games but most preferably, I like playing Fifa,first person shooter games ,really had fun with resistance, killzone and call of duty….But in all, God of war 3 still seems to be one of the best action -adventure games I’ve played with a really cool story line….

I love reading novels, I’ve read quite a lot and I kinda find fictional novels very fascinating and intriguing with “His dark materials” series being part of the best fictional novel series I’ve read and I also have this passion for the keyboard,although I’m still learning, it’s kinda my favorite musical instrument for now.
I’m a fanta addict and that’s like my best aerated carbonated fizzy drink 😀

I guess that’s pretty much enough to know about me. 😀 and you could also notify me on things you would like me to blog about.

Have fun reading my blog 😉


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